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10 Secret places to touch a woman that will drive her crazy


 10 Secret places to touch a woman that will drive her crazy

A woman's body will always react to specific touches in particular places, with those awakened body parts starting to communicate with the brain in a way that gets the body and hormones ready for stimulation.


1, run your hands through her Hair:

When you run your hands Through a woman's hair, it is as if you are caressing her soul.
It's a way of showing care and attention and can be extremely comforting and pleasurable.
Furthermore, doing this gesture can put the person in a good mood and make her feel special and pampered.
It's a simple but very effective way to get them to fall all over themselves for you.

2. stroking their Pelvis:

Because you are so close to your tiny friend in the pelvis, the suspense of being both close and far will excite her to the point of insanity. She will then beg you to touch her down there before you realize it.


3. touched the inside of her thigh:

This is the same reason why the previous one is so close and she will enjoy the Teas.
Don't be afraid to take your time while caressing her inner thighs.

4. Give.Her a foot massage:

A foot massage will do three things for your girl.
First, she will feel much more relaxed and comfortable.
Second, she will feel really loved and cared for.
And 3rd. She will feel like doing something as lovely as getting a foot massage from the man she loves.


 5. kiss her ear and nibble on her tip:

There are so many nerves in her ear.
That are worth exploring and stimulating.
You can pull off a number of tactics to really win her over. You can next nibble on her earlobe, lick the inside of the canal, or run your finger over her ear.

6. feel her words:

You should constantly strive to feel the palms of the people you love because you probably already know the power of touching their hands. It's an excellent approach to gauge their emotions while they work. They may feel more secure as a result.


7.Step your fingers through the back of their knees:

Even if she's not a girlfriend, you can really get off with a woman when you massage the backs of her knees with your fingers. Besides being a relaxing touch, it's a stimulating area.

8. add support to the:

inferior back region. When you are about to have intimate connections, this is both utilitarian and emotional. By resting your hand on her lower back, you can improve the stability and support of your positions while also better supporting her.


9. massage the back of the neck:

 The back of the neck tends to be a very stressful area with a lot of tension.
In addition to helping you relax by massaging the back of your neck, the proximity and warmth of your breath near this area is sure to make you more energized.


10. be adventure and creative:

At the end of the day, intention is both emotional and physical, and you cannot be afraid to let your emotions guide the way.
You must not be afraid to let your feelings and emotions drive you. Let your intuition guide you as your hands do.
A man with attitude is the best of touches .


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